Who is this class for?

The class is for total beginners that are not only interested in jazzy sounds, but also in getting a basic knowledge of music theory in some practical way. At the same time it also aims at music producers and musicians who'd like to explore more colorful chords and harmonies. If you have some experience you can just skip the first chapter.

What do you need?

Everything you need is the tool that you prefer using when it comes to understanding music theory. For some it might be their instrument, for some a piano, and for others a midi grid. The class has visualizations that cover all those options. Be known though that sheet music will not be covered in the class, because it's meant to be practical.

What you will learn!

First of all you will learn all basics of music theory. Furthermore you will learn how to express emotions through specific chords, scales and compositional choices while also being able to understand WHY those notes work with each other - or not! In the end you will have broadened your musical horizon and will be packed with fresh sounds that you can experiment with inside your own music.